Educational site and game app launched by Brazil


Brazil is known for their beaches, gorgeous models and ladies, football and most especially, their wonderful country.

It doesn’t seem like Brazil is having problems in inviting tourists to visit their country. Theirs is an exceptional spot for a weekend retreat and for a short getaway.

Embratur or more commonly known as The Brazilian Tourism Board has developed two ways to further lure vacationers to their country. These are an interactive Brand Channel website and a new video game app called “Brasil Quest”. These were developed to help travelers learn more about Brazil.

The Brazil Brand Channel website was developed in partnership with search giant Google. This was aimed to assist travelers in planning their trips with the use of images, detailed information and interactive tools about Brazil. The site was launched last Tuesday and New Yorkers can test the site at the Grand Central Terminal.

“Brasil Quest” on the other hand is a free game app for iPhone, iPad and Android in Times Square. The game was developed to celebrate the 12 cities that will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup to be held in Brazil. Users can download the game at their App Store and Google Play starting March 23.

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