iPad apps for your cat


Who says that humans are the only once rejoicing for technological advancements?

Well, our fury feline friends are also having a blast with devices more particularly the iPad. Go to YouTube and simply key in the words “cat and iPad” and you’d certainly see thousands upon thousands of search results.

There are apps out there that seems amusing to your cats. And these are some of them:

1) Game for Cats – This is one of the earliest cat games in the App Store. The paid version lets you move the laser directly with your iPhone for control. It can also unlock a mouse that your kitty can play. Every time you furry friend steps on the mouse or laser it emits a sound which your kitty will find amusing.

2) Paint for Cats – This game is for your artistically inclined cat. The idea of this game is that the cat chases a mouse, every time your cat goes a painting is then created leaving behind a trail of multi colored splotches.

3) Cat Piano Concerto – When you launch this app, a keyboard would suddenly pop out of the screen. As you press the keys, different purrs and meows are emitted which can confuse your cat. If you place your iPad on the floor, you’re kitty might step on the keys and find themselves meowing their way to laughter.

Image source: gadgettypes.com