Canon’s EOS 5D Mark stops at 22 million megapixels


What should your camera resolution be? Should it be up in the 36 million pixel range or would a 22 million pixel sensor suffice?

According to David Parry of Canon UK, 22 million pixels is more than enough. He said to TechRadar, “I think there’s difficulty with having higher megapixel counts. What we tried to do is create a camera that’s good for all types of photography.

Canon’s latest entry to the DSLR field is the 5D Mark III. While its chief rival, Nikon, released the D800 which boasts of a 36 million pixel sensor.

The 5D Mark III has only about a million more pixels than its predecessor the 5D Mark II.

Mr. Parry added, “We feel that this is an ideal number for this type of camera, if you’re a journalist, or sports photographer, you need to get the images off the camera quickly, and they need to be as sharp as they can be. It’s OK for studio photographers, but that’s not who we envisage using this camera.”

The 5D Mark III is the highest resolution camera in the EOS range.

But their competitor Nikon has unleashed the D8000, the world’s highest resolution full-frame DSLR.