Google’s Android browser tops mobile web browsing


Internet Explorer’s popularity has been constantly declining over the years. Yet, it still is among the top web browsers for personal computers. Mobile devices on the other hand have their own king. IE has really not mattered at all and Opera has been lording it over the browser competition for mobile phones.

Unfortunately, Opera’s hold on the top spot has been lost. According to StatCounter, Android’s built-in Web browser is now the new leader in the field.

The main reason for the change in leadership is basically the same reason why the IE is still the most used browser in the whole world. And that is because Android’s account for over 50 percent of all smartphone sales.

Last month, StatCounter reported that Android had a 22.67% share of the market. Opera comes in at second with a 21.7% share and iPhones built-in browser ranks third at 21.06%. Nokia’s Symbian is at fourth with an 11.24%.

Though the hold of Android on the top is precariously unstable due to the fact that Opera has its supporters. Google is also bringing the Chrome Web browser to Android. So this might slice the market share of Android.

But the problem for Opera is, can they prevent the Chrome for mobile from eating their share?

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