Chinese hacker releases 6 million login information


Hackers in China don’t just infiltrate your account and use your personal information for their personal consumption. Oh no!

One hacker in China was arrested after stealing data from 6 million users and leaking the said data.

The individual, who is known simply as Zeng, hacked and leaked data of more than 6 million users of the China Software Developers Network.

According to, the leak occurred on December 21, 2011. Zeng exposed the user names, passwords and email addresses from online shopping, gaming, social networking and financial accounts.

He was caught in Wenzhou on February 4, 2012 after officials thoroughly investigated the case and traced his whereabouts. The police also discovered four other hackers who is suspected to be in the same business as Zeng.

Zeng was noticed by the police after what he posted in the net last September 2010. According to the report, Zeng posted that he already had gained control of the CSDN database after hacking into their server in April that same year.

Beijing police punished CSDN for their poor security on September 2010.

Hopefully this server would not be lenient in safeguarding their clients data as they have erred a couple of years back.


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