Wireless chip from Sony capable of 6.3Gbps


Dreaming of a faster router that can accommodate your fast Internet connection? Tired of the 802.11n Wi-Fi technology that majority, if not all of us are using?


Sony and the Tokyo Institute of Technology are currently developing a router that is 14 times faster in transferring speeds of the current commercial routers. Pegged at 6.3Gbps, this router can boost your Wi-Fi experience to an all new level.


According to a press release, “implementation of this technology will enable users to transmit and receive data at much higher speeds between mobile devices without the need for cable connections. This technology will also enable users to enjoy uncompressed high-quality video streaming from a mobile device to a display.”

Imagine being able to transmit an uncompressed Blu-ray copy of a movie from your handheld to your television?

Unfortunately, this is still under development so we might not be seeing this device anytime soon.

Professor Akira Matsuzawa, Associate professor Kenichi Okada, and others from the Tokyo Institute of Technology are developing the radio frequency chip. Sony on the other hand is responsible for creating the low-power baseband chip and manages overall chip improvement.

The proposed system operates on a millimeter wave 60GHz band that employs 802.15.3c standards.

Image source: Sony