Chaotic Moon Labs unveils mind-controlled skateboard


Professor X’s telekinetic ability is a dream any man wants to have. Imagine being able to coerce individuals to believe in all your ideas? The world would be a much better place to live in if ever that happens.

Though we mortals don’t have the innate ability to control human minds, we never stopped believing that we can control things. That’s why the Board of Imagination was created.

This skateboard designed and created by Chaotic Moon Labs can “read” your brain waves and takes you to where you want to.

The company originally created a motion-control skateboard that is equipped with Microsoft Kinect that basically turns your hand to a steering wheel. The device was called the Board of Awesomeness. Unfortunately, the device broke down after a number of tests that includes the Consumer Electronics Show.

The developers decided not to rebuild the latter. Instead they tried to enhance the technology. That’s why we have the Board of Imagination.

The latter doesn’t use the Kinect for controls. Instead, an Emotiv EPOC headset that is connected to a Samsung Windows Tablet. The Emotiv EPOC is gaming accessory that lets you play games with your brain.

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