Study: Women more likely to delete social network friends


Statistics show that women are more prone to deleting friends from their social media networks and tend to be more restrictive in their profiles compared to men.

The Pew Research Centre’s Internet and American Life Project conducted a study that found out that men are more frequent to post ramblings online that they would later regret.

According to the study, 63 percent of social network users are deleting or have deleted friends in their contacts list. This was up from the 56 percent that was recorded in 2009.

67 percent of women and 58 percent of those who surveyed said that they have deleted friends.

In terms of being more private, 58 percent of those who have social networking accounts have set this into private as to avoid being seen by those who they are not friends with in the social network.

19 percent said that they allow friends of friends to view their profile while 20 percent keep their profiles viewable to the public.

In terms of privacy controls, 48 percent have difficulty with the latter while 49 percent said they had ease with it.

When it comes to posting contents online such as updates, comments, photos and videos, men are twice more likely to regret what they share online compared to women.

Eleven percent of those surveyed said that they posted content online that they have regretted later on.

Facebook still is the most popular social networking website as 93 percent of those who were surveyed sad they had one. It is up from 73 percent back in 2009.

Myspace on the other hand continues to dip as the social networking site had only 23 percent share down from 48 percent in 2009.

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