Samsung tablets not doing well in the market


Samsung Electronics admits that their attempts to make an impact in the tablet market has been difficult and have resulted into losses. One executive even said, “Honestly, we’re not doing very well in the tablet market.”

This was revealed during the Mobile World Congress held this week at Barcelona, Spain.

The company hasn’t met their goals with their tablets. Though this doesn’t come as a big surprise as they are well behind Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire in the North American market. But what comes as a surprise is an executive giving the details and acknowledging the weakness of the product.

Samsung’s initial foray was the 7 inch version of the Galaxy Tab. It moved to 10 inches after awhile and the rest of their product were somewhat in between.

The company still remains confident that the Galaxy Note will turn their fortunes around. The 5 inch version that is out in the market has been heavily criticized due to its small size. Some even calls the device a “phablet”. A hybrid of a phone and a tablet.

Hankil Yoon said that he expects about 10 million Galaxy Note’s to be shipped out. A very high expectation indeed.