Robot and astronaut does the handshake in space


This is one small step for robotics, one giant leap for mankind.

International Space Station Commander Daniel Burbank was able to shake hands with a humanoid robot in space.

The robot, though devoid of being able to fully control himself, was able to do this seemingly impossible task beyond this place we call earth. Called Robonaut, this development gives us a glimpse of what the future brings us. The latter even has a Twitter account to converse with amused individuals. One person even raised a question asking why he doesn’t have any legs. Robonaut replied: “@luckydog99 No legs yet. They’re in development on the ground.”

Commander Burbank, who had a stint in a recent American Idol episode (Not as a contestant), revealed that, “For the record, it was a firm handshake.” He also added, “Very nice. Nice job on the programming and all the engineering. Quite an impressive robot.”

Robonaut is being controlled by scientists on the ground.

Adjustments have to be made since Robonaut was off target when he tried to shake hands with Commander Burbank. Robonaut’s hand was directed to the latter’s kneecap rather than his outstretched arm.

Will we be seeing a droid invasion any time soon?

Image credit: NASA