Richard Nicoll unveils cellphone-recharging handbag


Women are now becoming more and more style-conscious these days. With the influx of chic designs and affordable garments and accessories, ladies now have a bevy of choices to fulfill their desires.

This year’s edition of the London Fashion Week is no different to other years. Yet people still flock to London this time of the year to have a glimpse of the latest fashion trends.

It seems like the 2012 edition is just a little better than the rest.

One of the most talked about pieces in the London Fashion Week is a handbag. It’s not your typical handbag as it is Richard Nicoll and it can power a smartphone.

The designer unveiled his latest creation, a white tote, which is a collaboration between him and Vodafone at his presentation. The bag is designed to charge iPhones, Androids and Blackberries while on the go. And according to The Telegraph, it will go on sale this spring.

The designer of the bag told the publication that it was “especially relevant” and is “all about the notion of work and all its facets in modern times”.

Before the bag can charge your smartphone. You must first recharge it using a cable. The bag is designed to charge or power up you phones for at least two days.

Great! Just great.