Photobombers? Scalado has a solution for that!

Credit: WakeMate

Don’t you hate it when you pose for a picture with your loved ones and when the cameraman presses the shutter button; someone out of nowhere suddenly pops and destroys the wonderful scene you’ve printed in your head?

Photo bombers are those irritating individuals that you see on your photos. They don’t have to be there and should have never been in the first place. Some do it accidentally while others do it intentionally.

Here comes Scalado’s Remove enters. This new patented object removal technology enables you to remove these from unwanted persons from the image. What it does is takes a moment to frame the shot before snapping the picture. Those little seconds before the shutter closes allows the app to record objects from the scene most importantly those stationary. Users can then pick out moving objects in the frame that the program deems impermanent in the photo. You just have to tap it then it quickly gets removed from the photo.

It is Adobe Photoshop in its simplest sense. No need for you to use a computer to edit your photos.

Unfortunately, Scalado is not a downloadable app as they will partner with major phone makers such as Sony Ercisson, Motorola and HTC.