Online dating scams increase to 150%


Cupid is once again back on the limelight as it waits to wreak havoc on St. Valentine’s Day.

As people hurry to make final reservations, devious individuals are once again on the prowl to take advantage of unsuspecting persons. Fraudulent online dating sites have increased by 150 percent from 2010 according to data from online business reputation protection service Iovation.

The report said that 3.8 percent of transactions Iovation was able to study on these online dating sites were a sham. This showed an increase from data during 2010.

Molly O’Hearn, the Vice President of operations at Iovation said, “As we head into Valentine’s Day, people should be wary of any sort of interaction that seems a little off. Just like in the face-to-face world, if something seems too good to be true it probably is.”

The most common scams involve members using fake credit cards to create numerous accounts and spam users, sending bulk emails as promotion of their products, placing inaccurate information on their profile and phishing or making fake business websites. said, people should choose website carefully, research on it, set up an email account that is intended for this website and get to know users by instant messaging. Don’t ever give out your cellphone number.

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