Adults spend more time on Facebook, Twitter


Adults log in more often to Facebook than teens? Could this be true? It sounds surreal but it is in fact true.

According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Centre, 85 percent of adults believe that individuals who are at the other side of Facebook are kind and a small percent believe otherwise.

Tagging on the other hand is said to be rude or kind depending on the situation. At least 5 percent of those surveyed said that tagging can sometimes be impolite.

Surprisingly, when the question was addressed to teenagers, only 69 percent believe that individuals who are members of social networking sites are kind or polite. While 20 percent have their reservations on the other members.

During the study, adults were asked how many of them find other social media users generous and helpful. 39 percent of individuals said that they frequently see generous acts by other members while 36 percent say they seldom see generous acts by other individuals on the social networking site.

About 18 percent of adults said that every “once in a while” they find helpful acts or acts of generosity by other members. But a little over 5 percent said that they never saw any generous action ever in the span of time they used social media.

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