Hotmail now accepts deal ads


Email marketing nowadays are abound and plenty. What separates your marketing style to others could make or break your campaign. One such successful strategy is being run by Groupon. They basically turned this concept into a huge trend.

If you’re accessing deals through email, then it would make a lot of sense that an email provider, which basically earns through display ads, would deal ads. This seems to be Microsoft’s latest strategy to earn more income with their email service.

According to Greg Sterling of Marketing Land, the company is going for deal ads in their Hotmail service replacing the current display ads. Though only a few individuals would be granted access at first, as the program reaches its full stage, all users would have access and can see this deal ads posted on their Hotmail accounts.

The email service provider currently has about 45.5 million users in the United States. They are behind Gmail who has about 62.7 million subscribers.

Sterling also divulged that these deals that will be advertised in Hotmail will be coming from Microsoft itself, as well as their partners. Microsoft currently has deals for Bing and MSN offers.