YouTube reaches 4 billion views per day


Popular video sharing site YouTube said that at least 60 hours of videos are uploaded every minute of the day to their site. They say that they are attracting more than four billion views a day.

That is a huge number considering that that feat is equal to at least an hour of video uploaded per second. According to a blog post by YouTube, “In 2007 we started at six hours, then in 2010 we were at 24 hour, then 35, then 48. And now… 60 hours of video every minute, an increase of more than 30 percent in the last eight months. In other words, you’re uploading one hour of video to YouTube every second.”

Their latest stats which boasts of 4 billion views per day, is an increase of 25 percent in the past 8 months.

YouTube was bought by Google back in 2006 for a whopping amount of $1.65 billion.

The site is currently adding content including full length TV shows and movies to attract potential investors and advertisers.