Sony debuts new slim image sensor for cameras


Cameras seem to be getting smaller and smaller as new technology enable developers to pack a lot of things into a tiny metal case. Now, with Sony’s creation of a smaller CMOS image sensor, the battle for camera sizes are on.

This small image sensors is going to be used in developing cameras of higher quality for cameras and as well as smartphones. According to a statement by Sony, “The popularization of smartphones and other devices in recent years has been accompanied by an increasingly diverse use of camera functionality. This has brought heightened demand for more sophisticated camera, to ensure adaptability to a wider range of scenes, and Sony developed this stacked CMOS image sensor to meet such demand.”

The new image sensor has no supporting substrates between the pixel layer and chip circuitry. The pixel section, which contains the back illuminated structure pixels, and the circuit section can now be manufactured independently.

This technology has built-in signal processing and uses large scale signal processing circuits than is possible with current image sensors. This new technology gives a better image quality, better speed, low power consumption and more features for the camera.


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