Tagg: the GPS tracker for pets


Want to have a pet but is afraid to own one due to the fear of losing them? Don’t fret. There are several vet products and devices out there that could help you forget about this nudging concern.

Meet the Tagg GPS tracker. It is a low profile solution for your naughty pets that just can’t seem to stay at one spot. It has a GPS equipped collar that looks like any other collar out there in the market. Isn’t it great? Having your pet don a GPS collar that is discreet.

Tagg also comes with a handful of features that can help alleviate tense individuals from the stress that pet owning brings with it. It can definitely give you some peace of mind.

One feature of this GPS collar is the ability to create a virtual barrier. What this does is it creates a virtual boundary for your pets to roam around. Once he/she goes out of the barrier, it automatically notifies the owner by sending him/her a text message informing the latter that his/her pet has just stepped out of the set boundary.

They can also track their pets in real time using apps for Android phones, iOS devices and internet browsers. It is also waterproof. The device is battery operated and if the battery is also drained, it alerts the owners so that they can recharge the device.

It costs around $99. It is inclusive of a tracker, docking station and one month service fee. Owners will be charged a monthly fee amounting to $7.95 for one animal after the first month. An additional 95 cents will be charged for additional animals (and of course, another $99 collar).

Image source: dog-milk.com