Samsung rolls out wi-fi surveillance camera and baby monitor


Samsung is upping up its video business. With its InTouch Skype HD Videophone for TV’s, the company is set to roll out a couple of their video-monitoring cameras. The WiFi IP SmarCam and WiFi Video Baby Monitor is set to shake up the video security business. This type of security is the peace of mind recommended by nurses and care takers, you will always know how your baby is doing, no matter what.

The two cameras are very simple to set up and is targeted to hit the shelves by March this year and is pegged at $149.99.

The company said that, “users simply locate the WPS or the WiFi Protected Setup button on the device and their home router. And with a click of each, the two will automatically sunc and the camera will be added to the network in less than 30 seconds.”

Once connected to your network, you can then create an account on where you can register your camera and have the ability to view real-time footage from the device.

What’s good about this is that you don’t have to install any software.

Samsung also added that, “unlike traditional IP cameras which host video on a remote video server, the Samsung SmartCam leverages peer-to-peer technology for an enhanced experience.”

“With peer-to-peer technology, Samsung makes a one-time verification-or handshake-between the SmartCam and the device that will be used to view the footage. Once that connection is made, the SmartCam is then able to stream directly to the consumer’s computer or mobile device without having to go through a remote video server that could experience significant delays with increased used.”

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