Qooq: the heavy-duty, spillproof tablet


It’s a spill, drop and a splash resistant product rolled into one.

Though a lot of individuals find the Qooq as an unusual and strange tablet, this Linux based device is selling fairly well in France and is set to conquer the US market.

The Qooq’s 10.1” inch display is powered by a Cortex A9 processor running at 1 GHz. Though the cook is quite pricey compared to other tablets (priced at $399), this device has an enclosure that sets it apart from it rivals. The Qooq’s enclosure enables the device to be dropped, spilled at and face conditions unlike its competitors.

Unfortunately for Android fans out there, this device runs on Linux. It is designed to be used simply and user friendly.

The Qooq is a highly specialized device intended for individuals who easily smear on their devices most of the time. What’s great about this gadget is that it can run cooking applications and live in your kitchen behind a protective book stand.

The Qooq is banking on its specialization for it to fly out of the shelves. This device is developed for the companies own subscription cooking content.

Perhaps a tie up with Chef Gordon Ramsey would be a big boost for the company. We’ll see..