Nokia’s first Windows phone under AT&T?


The cell phone world was once lorded over by Finnish company Nokia. During the late nineties up to the turn of the century, the company was responsible for the way we look at cell phones. People used to love and worship Nokia’s.

Lately, the phone mogul has had a few set backs. With the smartphone evolution, Nokia just seemed to be a step late.

But in a development set to shake up the industry, Nokia is going to unveil its first Windows Phone for AT&T Inc. at this years Consumers Electronic Show. This move will benefit both companies as Microsoft Corp. now has a bullet to combat Apple Inc. and Google Inc., and Nokia to mark their big bang anew.

The US second-largest wireless carrier and Nokia is going to announce plans to sell the Nokia Ace in a few months. The latter is going to be the first Windows Phone that will be using the next-gen wireless technology or the LTE.

AT&T is going to be the biggest carrier to carry a Nokia Windows Phone. Nokia is trying to rise back after they lost their No.1 ranking to Samsung Electronics Co. as the world’s top smartphone developer during last years third quarter.

The Ace is going to run the latest version of the Windows Phone software.

The telecommunications provider is ahead of schedule in its plans to expand its LTE network.

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