Print electronics on plastic through Smart Tag


ThinFilm Electronics says that they are going to create a device with basic computing components printed on a plastic strip. This feature, called the “smart tag”, has ThinFilm’s memory with transistors that are printable, battery and a display.

Among those who are happy with the development of this technology are those who deal with perishable goods. ThinFilm and partner company PST Sensors are eying to create a prototype of a disposable sensor that monitors the temperature of goods.

The Smart Tag will display the temperature of the food or drug that people are purchasing. This method is cheaper compared to placing sensors in shipping containers, the company said.

This technology is a device that keeps the zeros and ones of digital information by replacing the orientation of polymer chains when a voltage is applied.

ThinFilm CEO Davor Sutija said, “For the first time, you have a smart device that is fully printed, which means you don’t have the upfront cost that you have with traditional electronics. This allows for 33 cents a tag.”

The company is planning to add a wireless networking module to its smart tag. This will enable goods to send communications to cell phones. This is planned to be released by 2013 or 2014.