Google Enterprise boasts 5,000 new customers everyday


Larry Page of Google announced that the search giant is amassing at least 5,000 new enterprise clients a day.

Page was on an earnings call with analysts when he revealed that the enterprise business is not just a toy project or a sideshow for the company.

According to Page, “Enterprise is doing great, with over 5000 new customers signing up every day. In fact, last week, we signed our biggest ever deal, about 110,000 users to BBVAm one of the world’s leading banks.”

5,000new customers a day is a high mark and is a solid representation of a very performance by any company. Though if we compare it to Android activations per day, the number clearly is but a chunk to the the latter’s statistics.

Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora said the Enterprise’s wins with customers like CostCo and a number of Universities.

Google is trying to focus on their small market business. Arora said, “We are seeing great traction in our enterprise business – large partner who tend to be early adopters – many small businesses who see Google Apps as a comprehensive and quick solution. In Q4, we signed government deals for the state of Maryland, Utah and five top universities, including Berkeley, Howard and Michigan.”