Netflix Hits 2 Billion-Hour Views for fourth quarter of 2011


Netflix announced that they ended 2011 with a big bang!

According to the company, the fourth quarter of the previous year was good for business since they were able to stream at least 2 billion hours of TV shows and movies across 45 countries.

Though they haven’t said anything about the past three quarter previous the last one. According to a Netflix spokesperson, “we haven’t made that comparison but suffice it to say 2 billion hours is a big number and a high mark.”

Last October, Sandvine reported that Netflix accounted for almost one-third of peak downstream in the United States, making it eat more bandwith than the basic HTTP traffic. Last 2010, the company’s streaming service accounted to more than 30 percent of all U.S. Peak downstream traffic.

And that was all the good news we heard from Netflix a year ago. After the company decided to increase their rate to 60 percent on those who rent DVD’s by mail and those that stream video, they faced a lot of outbursts from their subscribers and a lot of them decided not to renew their subscriptions. Netflix’s stock price dropped. In the past six months, their shared were down 73% to $73.25.

Netflix remains optimistic for 2012. They are planning to expand to expand to Ireland and U.K. this year and COO Ted Sarandos added that their clients can watch “complete seasons of great TV series from all the major networks and most branded cable channels”.

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