Microsoft’s Kinect to be built into future laptops?

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The Kinect is mostly seen as an add-on for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Now PC users can enjoy this technology as the Microsoft is set to deliver on its promise to bring Kinect to this popular device.

Not only are they bringing it to the PC but they’re bringing it with all the official support. Not only will Microsoft bring it to PC owners but they are also giving it to portable systems.

A prototype of this was unveiled to the public as two notebooks from Asus had built in Kinect sensors and it ran on the new Windows 8. The daily speculates that this motion sensor will make sense for gaming and switching applications or as a replacement for media controls.

Kinect seems inept on smaller screen PC’s. While it is visually atractive on a 27 inch all in one PC. But this technology would rather be useful in a laptop than a multi-touch interface.