Apple faces backlash after iPhone 4s audio problem


An unaddressed audio problem with the iPhone 4S has irked its loyal customers.

Since its release in October 2011, owners have been adamantly complaining about the problem with their new iPhones. The problem lies when some outgoing calls seems to have no audio. The one receiving their call can hear their voice but they can’t hear anything from the other side. Even the ringing on the other line can’t be heard.

As of press time, about 108 pages of customer complaints are being ignored by the company’s Support Communities forum.

Apple clients are enraged and furious because they haven’t received any response from Apple even if complains have been coming by the dozen. Some individuals have called their plight “Audiogate”.

The first post for the issue was dated last October 17.

You can actually see how iPhone owners feel about Apple’s non-action on the phone issue in apple Support boards. Over 1,500 people have already posted something about the issue.

Many individuals have tried fixing the issue in the support forum. Many have also returned their iPhones due to the particular problem. While a significant number of clients have still reported the audio problem even if their phones were already replaced.