Samsung’s new DV300F camera boasts Wi-Fi capability


Casual photographers will jump for joy with Samsung’s latest point and shoot camera. The company’s latest entry to the photography market is the Samsung DV300F. Not only does it has the traditional LCD viewfinder and 16 megapixel resolution and 5x optical zoom, it also boasts of a 1.5 inch front facing display.

But the biggest reason that hobbyists and self-portrait-loving individuals would flock to Samsung stores is the camera’s Wi-Fi capability. Users can now instantly upload their photos and video to the net without syncing it to a laptop or a desktop computer.

According to Samsung senior vice president of digital imaging Myong Sup Han in a statement, their aim “is to continually be at the forefront of innvoation and maintain our leadership within the DualView market, pioneered by Samsung.”

“This latest model with the DualView LCD, Wi-Fi connectivity, ultra premium styling and the latest creative features, demonstrates Samsung’s unwavering commitment to innovation within the digital compact camera market, as well as our ability to consistently meet the needs of our customers,” he adds.

Although the front-facing LCD is primarily aimed at those individuals who want to shoot self-portraits, Samsung has marketed it also for the kids with the “Child Mode” feature. It plays an animation in the display that lets your kid focus on the camera while you take the photo.