2011 internet stats: 2.1 billion internet users and 555 million websites surfed


A data shows a staggering number of internet users last year.

According to a report by Yahoo!, there were 2.1 billion internet users last year. Surfing 555 million websites, 300 million of which were only created in 2011.

Asia had the most drastic increase as its internet population spiked from 825.1 million June of 2010 to 922.2 million March of last year.

On the other hand, 476.2 million Europeans were internet users, 271.1 million came from North America, 215.9 million came from Latin America. African users meanwhile were pegged at 68.6 million and Middle Eastern users were at 68.6 million.

According to the report, the average internet user normally has 1.5 email accounts. If we total the number of email accounts, the world has 3.146 billion accounts.

Microsoft Outlook was the most popular email client. The largest web-based mail client went to Hotmail with a total of 360 million users.

The average number of email being sent and received by a corporate user a day is 112. Among this, about 19 mails received by the latter are considered spam.

China had the most number of internet users a year ago with 485 million Chinese surfing the net.

Image source: thenextweb.com