Wearable technology from Apple, Android?


This wouldn’t come as a surprise to some of us but a few people at Apple is studying a technology that is wearable and has the ability to send data to your iPhone or iPad. According to The New York Times, their source said that it is an iPod that features a glass display that is curved and can be wrapped around the wrist. People can then communicate with the device using Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.

The Times also added that the idea is still new and is not so eccentric. Apple’s latest iPod Nanos comes with clock faces, enabling users to wear this around their wrists like a clock.

But Apple wants to develop the technology further and make technology that can be worn and that can communicate with the iPhone and send data to and fro.

However, Apple isn’t the only one studying this technology. According to The Times, Google is also trying to develop a technology that can be placed on the body or clothing. It would be similar to Apple’s wearable gadget that can communicate with their Androids.

Though the two companies did not start the wearable technology trend, those who opted to invest in these types of devices have not really seen a spike in their revenue. There have been ski-gloves that has a built-in Bluetooth-enabled phones and the one that Microsoft created, a dress that features a projector and a laptop.

The issue then would be to make it more usable. Speaking to the Times in an interview, Michael Liebhold, a senior researcher for the Institue for the Future, said that in ten years people will have glasses that has built-in screens and kids will be playing a “virtual” game in real life.

Now wouldn’t that be sooo cool?