Electronic shopping thru Apple’s Siri at BestBuy


Wolfram Alpha announced that they have a new capability that would enable their subscribers to view Best Buy’s online shop via iPhone 4S Siri using only their voices.

Apple has stated that they are aggressively trying to expand Siri’s ability as a voice assistant on the iPhone 4S. Wolfram Alpha’s latest pronouncement is an independent upgrade and not from the phone maker.

According to Wolfram Alpha blog reports, the company is leveraging data from the public API’s of Best Buy that enables customers to send queries to the retailer’s database.

The searach provider said, “we’ve taken the strengths we’ve developed in math, science and soicioeconomic data and created something equally unique and useful for online shoppers.”

Using Siri or the web, users can look for a product, may it be specific or broad, and receive reports about the product and its features, price, availability, price comparison with similar models and user ratings.

The company also added that users can shop for products specific to their needs.

The Best Buy data is only currently available in the U.S.

Image Credit: Cultofmac.com


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