UC Berkeley chooses Google Apps


And the University of California-Berkeley choose Google.

A University official released a a statement earlier this week that said, “while both products are feature rich and offer advantages over our current environment, the analysis concluded that the Google offering was the better overall fit for the campus at this time.”

The University looked at all the angles before deciding to choose Google as their new cloud-based email and calendar provider. They both looked and weighed the pros and cons of both Google Apps and Microsoft’s Office 365.

It wasn’t easy for them to choose Google as Microsoft had better scores in their security, contract terms and excellent calendar functionality.

Berkeley’s decision to choose Google was due to the fact that it was simpler to roll out and a lot of students and the academe are known to Gmail.

They also said that Microsoft’s old platform did not have “exceptional track records for performance.”

They also added that, “Google’s solution is optimized for web-based interaction. It is designed to be quickly provisioned and a migration to Google could begin more quickly than one to Office 365.” The integration of the system would take six to ten weeks.

Image Credit: Businessinsider.com