Most Googled names of 2011


The 11th annual list of rising global queries was released last Thursday. Google Zeitgeist searched through the millions of search inquiries to know who ranks at the top 10.

Coming in hot at number one is your favorite pop diva known for her single “Friday”. Rebecca Black came in at the top whose “Friday” video has approximately 160 million views. Following the teenage singer comes Google+.

The late Jackass actor, Ryan Dunn, came in third. His death was heard around the world and his untimely demise left a huge dent in the Jackass series.

Casey Anthony, the woman who was found not guilty of killing her own daughter, came in fourth.

The video game Battlefield 3 came in at number five. The games popularity reached staggering proportions as it sold 5 million copies in its first week alone. While Apple’s iPhone 5, which apparently was the iPhone 4, came in at number 6.

British singing sensation Adele came it at number 7. This was due to the popularity of her album “21”. Next up is the name of the Fukushima nuclear plant that leaked in the aftermath of the powerful earthquake and the tsunami that wrecked havoc in Japan this year.

The late Steve Jobs came in at number 9, and his invention the iPad 2 completes the top ten most searched list.

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