Microsoft releases new Service Pack


Microsoft announced Monday, December 5, that they have updated its Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 with a Service Pack that includes a number of new features and most importantly bug fixes.

Microsoft added that the new features in the upgraded Service Pack 2 were developed based on customer feedback.

One good feature that this new Service Pack brings is that it offers the ability to view mailboxes and global address list from low bandwith and low resolution devices. This feature is called the Outlook Web Application (OWA) Mini.

The new Service Pack also includes the Hybrid Configuration Wizard. This wizard is designed for those establishments that wish to deploy some mail accounts on Microsoft Office 365, while keeping other accounts on their main internal system. This wizard will enable its users to simplify archiving of data and creates the ability to share calendar entries and send secure mail to and fro hosted and internal mail accounts.

Another upgrade is the ability to cross-site silent redirection for OWA. This could enable an enterprise-wide single sign-on.

This is good news to Microsoft fans out there since the service Pack 1 was released way back August of 2010.