Kindle Fire well on its way to rival iPad in sales


Amazon Kindle Fire

The latest gadget from is so popular that the number of units being sold are already very high even before the holiday season and still continue to rise.

Although no official numbers from Amazon were announced yet, market researcher eDataSource, offers some info as to how many 7-inch tablets are being purchased worldwide.

“Our estimate is that has now sold 850,000 units direct from the site. Total sales would be substantially larger,” eDataSource CEO Carter Nicholas said.

The latest official sales released from Amazon was last November 28 in a press release. And even then, the Amazon Kindle Vice President Dave Limp has said that they’ve already “sold millions of the new Kindle family and Kindle Fire was the bestselling product across all of”.

Source: eDataSource

Nicholas confirms this, saying that Amazon “may have sold as many as 2 million or more so far when you consider all sales channels.” These other channels include national retailers like Best Buy where Kindle is now listed as the best-selling tablet.

The eDataSource CEO offers some word of caution as well. “”If Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire at cost, then they’d better sell a lot of books, movies, music and apps through the Fire.”

What do you think? Will Kindle overshadow iPad’s popularity anytime soon?

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