iPhone crash reports intercepted by hackers


Hackers have been a pain the neck for technology developers. And Apple, one of the world’s largest tech providers, isn’t excused from their wrath. The latter’s crash report mechanism can possibly be in the spotlight between them and the hackers trying to penetrate their system of their iPhones.

Though hackers acknowledge that Apple’s latest operating system is a tough nut to crack, the hackers have already scored a win with their ability to write a program that can intercept crash reports.

According to a report by the BBC, Chronic Dev’s Joshua Hill is dishing out CDevreporter program that enables individuals to intercept crash reports form iPhones that are originally intended for Apple and send them directly to Chronic Dev’s team.

Mr. Hill said that he can read crash reports and can tell if they can use it to develop a jailbreak for the latest Apple OS. But he also added that there are so many reports that are coming in. He added that with the huge number of reports, he has to create a system that can help filter incoming reports.

He was quoted as saying, “there’s nothing Apple can do that would make jailbreaking impossible.” He added that, “Apple will always add new features to its phones, and there will always be bugs in its software. It’s just a matter of find the right ones.”

This reports help Apple engineers fix the bugs.

Image Credit: Flickr/raneko