Electronic diaper especially for men


Good news for men who can’t seem to stop wetting their beds after a hard night of partying. Just tuck your “buddy” to the electronic diaper and you don’t have to worry about waking up bathed in your own urine.

Unicharm Humancare of Japan gave the public a glimpse of its new Robo-Humany Urine Aspiration diaper in Tokyo for the Eco-Products 2011 trade show.

The diaper has a penis pocket, a sensor for the urine and a suction tube that is connected to a bedside vacuum with a tank. When the diaper detects urine, the vacuum sucks the the urine until the pad dries up and could be used once again.

The company provided a demo of the product. A staff doused the device with liquid, which was instantly sucked by the tube into the tank. About .01 ounces of liquid remained in the diaper. Not bad.

The Robo-Humany diaper is lighter than the conventional pad that can be bought in the market. It also is better in keeping you dry compared to the later.

The diaper costs around $3 each and the tank costs $1,284. But Japanese health insurance can drop the price to $128.