Apple acquires flash chip maker Anobit


The Apple empire munched the company Anobit to the sound of $500 million. According to reports, Anobit, the flash controller and SSD startup company was just bought by Apple.

Anobit supplys flash chips and endurance-enhancing controller technology for both the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air.

Now, Apple will have a base in the Holy Land. Anobit’s JQ in Herzliya, Israel will most probably become the iPhone makers Research and Development center.

Anobit’s OEM supply to other companies is still unknown. If Apple takes on technology components distribution, it will be a first for the company. But there are still no news as to what is Apple’s decision is if they’ll continue on with Anobit’s business or they will merely use Anobit’s technology for their own devices.

Anobit and Apple has not confirmed the deal yet.