Carrier IQ now faces federal probe


Since its been a while since we have updated you guys with Carrier IQ drama, here’s the latest from the company’s software-tracking issue.

Executives from the company were said to have travelled to Washington last Tuesday to meet with the Federal Trade Commission as well as with Federal Communications Commissions officers.

This FTC inquiry was confirmed by officials but chose not to reveal their identity.

Carrier IQ spokesman also says that the company’s top guys are cooperating with the federal agencies.

Senior VP for marketing Andrew Coward said, “This week Carrier IQ sought meetings with the FTC and FCC to educate the two agencies . . . and answer any and all questions.” He insists however that he “is not aware of an official investigation”.

The company first went under fire when security researcher Trevor Eckhart claimed that Carrier IQ is able to log info including text messages and other personal information and that hundreds of mobile phones come with this software.