App Store for Windows soon


Not a fan of Itunes?

Microsoft will be launching their own application or app store called the Windows store sometime together with their new OS the Windows 8. Microsoft is targeting to launch its beta in February. The beta version of Windows 8 will also be launched around that time.

Microsoft is trying to create an app store that has a more transparent system and easier to use to make life more easier for fame developers. The store will have free download applications at the same time paid apps that ranges from $1.99 to $999.

Teaming up with Apple has been difficult for most developers and Microsoft hopes to make life more easier for them in more ways than one. Let’s take for example, Microsoft will have a cut of 40 percent share for any app sold, but if the app generates large sales, Microsoft might drop its percent share.

Microsoft has the largest following amongst other companies out there in the market. Windows Enterprise users can customize the system. If Microsoft’s latest OS makes it to many tablets worldwide, we will be seeing the Windows store emerging as the world’s leading app store.