Introducing Tommyknocker, the Digital USB Doorbell


Introducing Tommyknocker, the Digital USB Doorbell The days of the regular doorbell sound are now over. In the same way that you can set the ringtone on your phone, you can now setup your “digital doorbell”. The Tommyknocker has some sounds pre-installed on the device, with more available at their website, but can also use any mp3 file on your computer. You can also use it as an mp3 player if you wanted to.

The Tommyknocker is a USB, all digital doorbell that does not need any audio cable or microphone to load sounds. MP3 sound files may be uploaded to the Tommyknocker USB memory stick via a computer with the help of our website and may be any length up to the size of the stick. The website offers users instructions on setting up sticks, wiring diagrams and installation instructions as well as a sound editing tool. The sound editing tool is designed to enable users to select desired sections of music or favorite sounds, perhaps focusing on the introduction or main theme for a custom effect. Pricing runs around $170, but is well worth it if you are sick and tired of your current doorbell.

Personally I like this idea and figured it would only be a matter of time before a gadget like this came out. I don’t have a review copy, but if and when I do, I will review it and post it here.