Mobile Web is taking over the world, literally


For those who have been living under a rock in say, the last three years wouldn’t know this. But for us who’s trying to keep up will all the tech news happening every day, it’s very easy to see that indeed, mobile internet has come a veeeery long way.

And a study conducted by investment firm Morgan Stanley predicts that there will be more people using mobile devices to go online than desktop PCs in the next five years.

The 424-page study results, which the firm called “The Mobile Internet Report”, also points out that the growth of mobile internet is not only happening in developed countries – unlike prior tech trends. Howeever, US companies including Apple (iPhone), Google (Android) and Amazon (Kindle) are the forerunners of this phenomenon.

What caused mobile internet to be so popular?

The study points out to five key tech trends converging: 3G (soon 4G) broadband, online video, VOIP service like Skype and Vonage, the popularity of social networking, and “awesome mobile devices” that makes desktop/laptop-related tasks possible on the go.

So what’s in store for Apple and their popular products?

The firm predicts that Apple’s products accessories and services (iPhone, iPod touch, iTunes, etc.) will continue to be popular over the next two years. However, Apple must keep a lookout because after this period, Google Android, competition from emerging markets and limitations posed by wireless carriers may take a huge slice off of their market pie. 🙂

The full text of the study is available here.