Microsoft acquires Opalis


Opalis After announcing Thursday that it is buying Sentillion, a company that supplies software to health care professionals, Microsoft said today that it has also acquired Opalis Software.

A Toronto-based company, Opalis Software is a maker of data center management software.

No word as to how much the acquisition cost the software giant but it did say that it will definitely augment its existing System Center line of management software. It also said that they plan to eventually add Opalis’ sotware into the System Center itself.

“I believe this acquisition is a pivotal piece to deliver on our dynamic data center initiative,” Brad Anderson, Microsoft’s vice president, said in a blog posting. “This deal brings together the deep data center automation expertise of Opalis with the integrated physical and virtualized data center management capabilities of Microsoft System Center.”

In the blog, Anderson also gave the company’s reasons behind the choice. He stated that besides their products being capable of integrating with the System Center, Opalis software is “ easy to use, easy to deploy and delivers value in a short period of time.”

In a separate blog, Opalis CEO Todd DeLaughter also expressed his positive view of the acquisition.

“Microsoft has always impressed me with their next generation view of how systems management tools should cleanly integrate to provide an easier user experience without the baggage of complexity that all of the existing legacy systems management tools carry,” he said.