Google adds two new features, makes searching faster

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Today, the search giant introduces new search features to make user queries easier and a lot speedier.

Google added Universal search to Google Suggest. With this addition, more relevant results are being displayed in the drop-down suggestions box.

To make it clearer, here’s an illustration. If you type in “weather in milw”, the drop-down box immediately displays the weather for that day (and even in the next few days) before you’re even done typing.

Another addition, this time an Google Chrome extension, is Quick Scroll. This new extension allows users to use Google search pages other than

With Quick Scroll, the process of finding relevant content and scrolling to it happens automatically, as an extension of your Google search,” Google said in post in the official Google blog.

Quick Scroll requires the beta version of Chrome 4 and can be accessible in the extensions gallery.