Facebook now on PS3 via firmware update

Credit: DeviceMag
Credit: DeviceMag

If you’re a PS3 gamer AND a Facebook addict, start smiling now coz the new Firmware 3.10 has just been released.

“Launching Facebook for the PlayStation community is a natural fit for our goal of delivering unparalleled connected experiences – from connecting our community to each other to connecting our customers to great entertainment downloaded from the PlayStation Store,” Susan Panico, senior director of PlayStation Network, said in the press release from Sony.

“As we pass the third anniversary of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network, we’re excited to deepen the social experiences of PlayStation Network and kick-off the first phase of our integration with Facebook.”

With Firmware 3.10, owners of device can now “brag to friends about their domination as a gamer”. The update also lets gamers share information with their friends in Facebook on games they just purchased and even share unlocked trophies everytime they sync their Trophies.

Game developers also have something to smile about. With the system update, they can now set up “trigger points” in their games, providing PS3 system users the option to publish game-related info on their Facebook pages.

“We’re excited to connect Facebook’s 300 million active users with the PlayStation 3, enabling players to connect and share their game experiences with friends,” Ethan Beard, Facebook Developer Network director said.

The new Firmware 3.10 also brings in a customized and enhanced PlayStation Network Friends List as well as a new way to view your stored photos – displaying them in a grid format for easier access.

Source: http://www.devicemag.com/2009/11/18/4954-ps3-firmware-with-facebook-support-becomes-live/