Toyota unveils new electric vehicle sans steering wheel



If you think joysticks are just for video games, think again.

Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show today, the world’s biggest car maker introduced the FT-EV II –their first venture into electric vehicles.

What makes this compact car different from others, like the new 2017 Prius C, for example? Toyota decided to do away with the standard feature that every car has – the steering wheel. Instead, they’ve used a drive-by-wire technology which allows the car to be controlled with a joystick.

And since the joystick can do more than just steering, the company also decided not to use foot pedals and left the breaking and acceleration to hand control too.

Unlike Nissan’s Leaf and Mitsubishi iMiev which is designed to get about 100 miles range, the FT-EV II is designed for short trips with 56 miles range. Toyota’s compact car also retained four seats, leaving more room for passengers.

Don’t get too excited though, there’s no word yet as to when this futuristic car will be available in the market and as to how much it’ll cost you. 🙂