MySpace introduces new feature


myspace-logo-thumb-300x100-63528 Since everyone’s been saying how MySpace is slowly but steadily becoming obscure less popular because of Facebook, the once-number one social-networking site is doing all it can to gain back that glory.

Today, MySpace introduces its new service that’ll bring back some of its once-loyal users, the musicians.

The MySpace Artist Dashboard is a free comprehensive data dashboard for an artist or a band with a music profile page on the Web site. It can be very useful for those who lack teams of marketers to do the research for them because it shows demographic information about people who are visiting the artist’s site and what they are doing there. Other info on the dashboard include song plays, profile views, and friend count.

“Whether you’re a small-town garage band, an emerging indie, or a well-established act, our ultimate goal is to provide the right mix of tools and real-time data to help you gain a deep understanding of who your fans are and how best to reach them,” MySpace Music President Courtney Holt said.