Fuel cell for mobiles from Toshiba

Source: Tech Fragments
Source: Tech Fragments

If you’re one of those guys who need their phones constantly glued to their bodies for business or er- pleasure, you might consider getting this one, or at least when it becomes available in the U.S.

Toshiba Corp. will begin shipping its new fuel cells that can power cellular phones and laptops next week in Japan.

Dubbed the Dynario, this direct methanol fuel cell that converts wood alcohol and water into an electric current of up 5 Volts DC power at 400mAto can triple most of your cell phone’s battery juice. And what’s even better? It can be recharged in seconds. How cool is that?

Toshiba’s palm-sized fuel cell wil run on methanol packaged in cartridges which are sold separately. It is available in Japan for 29,800 yen or $328 while each set of five fuel cartridges is sold for 3,150 yen or $35 dollars.

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/GCA-BusinessofGreen/idUSTRE59L3HH20091022

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