Adam Lambert single leaked

Credit: Jeff Vespa/Wire Image
Credit: Jeff Vespa/Wire Image

There won’t be any miracles happening for Adam Lambert right now– at least in the form of turning back time and preventing the leakage of his newest single.

The single, “Time for Miracles”, is the highly anticipated soundtrack song from the upcoming disaster flick “2012”. The song’s music video was set to premiere on the big screen when it runs at screenings of Michael Jackson’s “This is It” documentary film on October 27.

Rob Cavallo, who was said to have collaborated with Lambert on his debut album, produced the song which came out prematurely on the web. A copy of “Time for Miracles” appeared in iTunes Italy and ultimately made its way to YouTube where people could download it for free.

Lambert’s record label, 19 Recordings/RCA Records, had their hands full trying to take down copies off the Web but a few can still be found as of this writing.

Lambert, who took American Idol by storm through his unique image and incredible voice, is set to release his debut album on November 23 which he recorded with a number of hitmakers like Pink, Linda Perry and Max Martin.