AT&T launches video site


My, my. It seems like a lot of companies have chosen to unveil their new products and services this week and that includes giant carrier AT&T which announced their new Web site Thursday.

The Web site, dubbed AT&T Entertainment, offers free streaming ad-supported TV shows and movies to computers. The service is very similar to Hulu.

AT&T Entertainment offers content from major TV networks ABC, NBC and CBS and cable networks like Bravo, Oxygen, Syfy, The CW, USA Network, CNBC and others, some courtesy of a partnership with Hulu.

According to the company, this move is part of its strategy to make content available to consumers across their screens: TV, PC and mobile phone. Iā€™m assuming this its first step as there is still no word as to when the content will also be available on the TVs or mobile phones. šŸ˜‰