Tweets from the grave: John Quincy Adams Twittering


Starting today, John Quincy Adams will be posting Tweets.

Well, in the broadest sense of the word – er, phrase.

The Massachuetts Historical Society has announced that they will be posting excerpts from John Quincy Adams’ line-a-diary as tweets. The diary chronicles Adam’s voyage to Russia which started August 5, 1909, exactly 200 years ago. It also accounts his ensuing work as the first American ambassador to Russia.

And get this: Adams’ journal entries were written in nearly perfect 140-character quips, perfect for Tweeting.

Jeremy Dibbel, a librarian with the Massachusetts Historical society wrote in a blog post that they will be posting Adams’ exact words and may even add maps showing his location which is possible through the latitude and longitude readers he included in his journal. They will also post links to longer diary entries and other info about him.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to test out some new technological tools and to create a transcription of the line-a-day diaries, which will be useful for future projects, as well,” Dibbell wrote. “We certainly hope others will find [Adams’] journey as fascinating as we do, so please follow him on Twitter.” His Twitter page is here.

Oh and if you’re still scratching your heads and thinking is this man, uhm, does America’s sixth president ring a bell?

Apart from being the son of the nation’s second president, John Adams, John Quincy Adams was also a U.S. senator and a successful secretary of state and the nation’s sixth president.